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Britpop in the City of Churches!!

ADL gig Sat 25th Nov 2023 - UNIBAR ADL

Well, what a wonderful time we had in Adelaide. A 5am start saw us bleary eyed & heading to Brisbane airport. The previous night had me at a beautiful candlelit concert at the Brisbane State Library watching a phenomenal string quartet play all the hits of Ms.Taylor Swift with my Mrs & 15yr old daughter.

So after meeting the lads (& our wonderful photographer Kim) at the BNE airport coffee shop, we caffeinated, checked in guitars, keyboards & embarked on our journey to Adelaide.

Will (venue manager) & Angus (sound tech) at the ADL Unibar were fantastic to work with and did a great job. Our friend Mitch turned up to DJ some tunes before & after the gig…. Some top tunes & some bangers were played that I hadn’t heard since I was an E’d up sweaty teen in London Town.

The night kicked off with START-The sounds of Paul Weller, well impressed…. Authentic renditions of classic tunes! Nice one fellas!

The time came for Cool Britannia to hit the stage at 9pm, still running on 5am coffees, a few Guinness & nervous energy, we kicked of with ‘Rock n Roll Star’ by Oasis, followed by 'Bittersweet Symphony' by The Verve. The Adelaide crowd didn’t disappoint, getting into it from the get go. By the time we played Happy Mondays ‘Step On’ & Stone Roses ‘She Bangs The Drums’ , the dancefloor was packed with beautiful, slightly pissed lads & lasses reminiscing the 90s Britpop indie scene & a slightly misspent youth.

After a very rowdy & vocal request for an encore, we couldn’t let you down, so we played Stereophonics ‘Dakota’, followed by ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ for good measure. Fair play, you all sang every word right along with us!

With the gig done & dusted, we shook the hands that needed shaking & headed off for cheeky Burger & a few drinks with our generous hosts. Plenty of laughs were had over breakfast in Glenelg, where the fresh air made a start on fixing our hangovers. As we headed back to Brisbane on the plane, I thought about how lucky we are as a group of mates, to be doing this…. Middle aged geezers getting a chance to play rock & roll, all around the country to screaming audiences! Long may it last, we’re very very grateful!

We finish this year off with a gig at Orion Hotel,Springfield (Brisbane) on Sat 9 Dec, then we get ready for next year, especially looking forward to 2 huge QLD shows with Brisbane Symphony Orchestra Quartet on April 19/20th!!

Big love to all! Mad fer it!


Cool Britannia


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