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Sit Down Next to Me....

Eh' up peeps, ows' it going? We often chat about you guys, wondering where you've come from and we do notice some familiar faces getting right into the tunes, obviously loving them as much as we do.

Mick will often ask between songs, "who's from London?" or "who's from Manchester?" ....."anyone from Bristol?" - We know there are many other places we miss and it would be top if you filled in some of the gaps for us.

One of our mates called Caleb asked us the other day "why do you never ask if anyone is from the Isle of Man at your gigs?" - (you may be able to answer that one better than Bondy did!)

Anyway, we would love to see some of your photos from our gigs, with a little bit of blurb telling us a bit about yourselves, which tunes are your faves and why.


This is the awesome Max and Kati who were on a travelling holiday from Austria, Europe and recently came to the Eumundi gig at the Imperial, whilst they were exploring our neck of the woods.

Although too young to remember the early 90s first time round, they got right into the Britpop vibe on the night and left with a couple of CB Ts to go with their iconic bucket hats. Nice one!


So c'mon, don't be shy, dig out some belters & send to and we'll get this blog cooking.

Take care & see you at a gig very soon - love Mick, Dave, Neil, John and Bondy x


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