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England Victorious

A massive night for England rugby on Saturday with a 25-17 win over the Wallabies at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. We hope game 3 goes well next week too!

In other news, Britpop reined supreme with a totally ‘mad fer it’ crowd cheering a tad louder in the light hearted pre-match musical battle of the bands. It was a chilly night, but the Cool Britannia boys brought it home against ‘Come on Ozzie’. What an awesome experience sharing the stage with those really lovely Aussie folks and proper ‘fair dinkum’ musicians and we hope to catch up with our new found friends again soon.

The journey to victory is all about the planning, conditioning and preparation. So here’s a peak behind the curtain into our training regime and the backstory to the gig.

Logistics - Along with a million other people, Neil and his better half were stranded at Sydney Airport last week and almost didn’t get to the gig in time. A true champion, he made a massive effort to travel back after taking on two airlines and exploring all other options, Neil grabbed the last hire car in Sydney and drove through the night, arriving home at the break of dawn on Saturday morning. You could probably make a film about it and call it something like ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles Down Under’. We were proper chuffed Neil managed to sneak in a couple of hours kip before the gig so we were a complete unit

Nutrition - Food is often a topic of conversation with us lot, and as Mick is a highly trained chef, the recipes are thrown around in debate, and our culinary skills are improving, to the point where three of the guys could probably hold their own in a MasterChef challenge. Anyway, with set-up and sound check done, the hunt for a decent pre-gig feed commenced. The queues for the local pub just up the road from the stadium were huge and the sushi restaurant, ‘Kaisen’, next door welcomed us with open arms. (Shout out) If you get chance, we’d highly recommend Kaisen - Awesome service, delicious fresh sushi and a great atmosphere.

Parking - We all know parking around Suncorp is a nightmare, so the less said about that the better! Public announcement - for the record nobody in the band got their vehicle clamped or towed away and we continue to have a good relationship with the local constabulary!

People we can’t do without - Kim - every band needs a Kim. If you love the photos as much as we do then please say an enormous thanks to Kim, who can often be spotted at our gigs getting the action shots with her camera. We love you Kim. Lachlan always produces an awesome wall of sound and we know we’re in good hands with

Lachy at the sound desk.

The listeners - If you’ve read this far, then this part, dear listener is for you. We simply love seeing you at the gigs and we really couldn’t have pulled off that victory without you on Saturday. We saw you singing, we saw you dancing, we saw you cheering and we’re thrilled to have shared that nippy, fun-filled evening with you. #madferit

Hope you had a great time inside the stadium too and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Triffid on the 23rd July.

Peace, love and Britpop




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